Course 1, Secrets to Master Your Thoughts, will guide you into  clearing the energy blocks that hold you back from realizing your goals? 
Next sessions beginning Sunday, June 6

Course 2, Diving Deeper into Block Clearing, guides the participant to reveal their own hidden gifts and much more.  Next session beginning Sunday, July 25
Is it your thoughts or concealed mental blocks holding you back?  
Do you want to achieve your dreams faster?
I am Rebecca Whitehall, my goal has always been to touch the lives of children through my children's books.  Although I approached many agents in the industry, it seemed to be out of my reach, rejection time and time again.  After 30 years of putting my materials out there I all but gave up.  Suddenly after a number of block clearings, not expecting a profound shift, an old dream suddenly came alive with tremendous vigor.  Only to realize that the beliefs I held in my subconscious were actually holding me back, they were blocks. 

Overnight everything began to shift, fears I didn't know I had were locked in my subconscious were released and I was flooded with new thoughts and ideas for my children's materials like never before.  I felt motivated to take action thus creating, Release Your Inner Genius Club.  It all happened within 3 months as if by magic, all the stops vanished.  These courses share the secrets to mastering your thoughts , by releasing subconscious blocks and controlling what you allow in.
You will have a master healer clear your blocks and you will have the recording to clear your own blocks at home.  
You will experience a positive shift in thinking patterns,
even in areas you think is your personality,
when blocks are removed.
You will develop your own personal blueprint for
eliminating blocks to achieving your goals.
1. Do you struggle with thoughts of lack, doubt, or don't have faith you can achieve your goals.  
2. Do you think the changes you desire can't be achieved because it is just your personality?
3. Are there hidden fears you can't explain?
4. Do you procrastinate in starting, finishing a project or jump from one goal to another not getting results in any of them?
Could blocks be holding you back from achieving your goals quick enough?

Master Your Thoughts
This course is for you!  These courses will guide you to:
Using  a variety of methods we will eliminate the electrical charge from these experiences and you will find the people, events and experiences just don't come to mind anymore.  
Do you ever find yourself  thinking or talking about those same people, events, experiences even though you cleared it.  You still have a block.  You may have cleared a layer but didn't reach the core of the issue. 
You have cleared them right!
Have you spent years clearing blocks.
John C
Connecticut, USA                     
Rebecca's energy clearing is effective and gets to the root of the issue.  She is knowledgeable and does amazing work.  I would highly recommend her and the energy clearing program.
Caroline M
Geneva, Switzerland                     
I received 5 energy healing sessions from Rebecca.  The changes inside me are so obvious, my life is radically positively changing.  I feel stronger, freer, more determined, especially happier and more confident.
This is what other participants in the course have to say.
What changes do you want to see in your life?
Guy D
Nevada, USA                     
It's unbelievable, since the clearing, financial opportunities continue to appear in my life to improve my financial life so I can work towards this specific goal that I have.
Kim P
Phoenix, USA                     
Great course, I'm learning so much that I can apply in my life.  
Don't miss this special price for these courses. 
How can these secrets help you?

The price for Secrets to Master Your Thoughts (level 1) is $497
Now for a limited time it is $297

The price for Diving Deeper into Block Clearing (level 2) is $697
Now for a limited time it is $397

Normally the price for both courses is $1,194
You can get both pilot courses for a limited time at
a special reduced price of $597

Once you register a information will be sent to your inbox
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Secrets to Master Your Thoughts (level 1 Course) 6 weeks
 Sunday, March 28

Diving Deeper into Block Clearing  (level 2 course) 8 weeks
  Sunday, May 23

Secrets to Master Your Thoughts and Diving Deeper into
Block Clearing Bundle  (level 1 & 2)   14 weeks
Level 1  Sunday, March 28
Level 2  Sunday, May 23
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Secret to Master Your Thoughts
Are your thoughts sabotaging your success? Find out the secrets to master your thoughts and making your goals a reality. This 6 week course will guide you in clearing those blocks that are barriers to achieving your goals.
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Diving Deeper
What gifts do you have that are blocked? Level 2 course ,Diving Deeper into Block Clearing, guides you into clearing blocks that will reveal your hidden gifts to master your thoughts and achieving your dreams.
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Secrets to Master Your Thoughts and Diving Deeper Bundle
These two powerful courses will unleash your hidden power to achieving your goals. Secrets to Master Your Thoughts will peel away the obvious blocks and Diving Deeper reaches those blocks locked in the subconscious. Learn how to Master Your Power today.
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One-to-one Energy Block Clearing Session
Get to the root of the issue with Rebecca in a block clearing session.
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Give me a smile please.
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One-to-one Energy Block Clearing Sessions
Get even more value by purchasing 5 block clearing sessions. Each session will address the root cause to not reaching your goals fast enough and clear the blocks.
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By buying now you get:

  • Value 1 - a personalized blueprint to clear your own blocks that are holding you back from achieving your goals.
  • Value 2 - recordings of the clearings that you can use at home after the course is complete.
  • Value 3 - two free one-to-one clearings with Rebecca, a value of $250, for each of the courses.
  • Value 4 - You will have a master healer clearing  your energy blocks from the comfort of your home.
What goal would you like to accomplish in the next few months? 
Is it financial, relationship, health, feeling happy
and great about yourself?  
This course is for you.
P.S. What is it worth to have these amazing changes in your life, money flowing to you unexpectedly,  the relationship you always desired, feeling fabulous about yourself.
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